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New study finds trees could make you live longer!

The benefits of trees is a topic being researched more often and is becoming more important now as the climate warms and we experience more extreme weather events. Trees provide shade to keep our cities cool, reduce air pollution, absorb greenhouse gasses and help reduce climate change impacts by storing carbon. According to a recent Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment report, trees are now considered just as important as pipes and roads for infrastructure. Trees are also known to benefit our mental and physical wellbeing.

Now, a recent long-term study suggests exposure to more green spaces could slow the biological ageing process. The study done in the U.S. involved more than 900 participants of different demographics over a 20 year period. Researchers examined how their access to urban green spaces impacted their ageing processes. The results found people exposed to more green spaces were likely to slow their epigenetic ageing process. The study also found the results differed between the participants race and socioeconomic status.

This study highlights the importance of having more trees in our urban settings and providing equal access to these green spaces for everyone.

For the full story from Sarah Heeringa, click here.

For the full research article, click here.



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