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Parks Metric Survey

Updated: May 23, 2022

We have a forum wide survey to be filled in!

The survey looks at the provision of open space as a performance measure/metric for different park categories. We want to find what the most common metrics are for performance delivery. We will gather this information through this short survey. Survey results will be analysed and made available to Parks Leaders Forum (PLF) members and a summary published on the PLF platform for everyone to access.

The survey is open for two weeks and closes on Monday 30th May. This information is going to be used to better understand what knowledge is needed for decision makers on baselines, as well as most councils are still being approached by Kainga Ora to convert parks into housing estates and this information is fundamentally needed across our sector. In addition, a new PLF member, Rangitikei District Council is looking to use this information in upcoming strategy developments. PLF members are encouraged to share their data (and then receive data in return).

The 'established old' open space measurement/metric, outlined in 1945 was 7-acres for each 1000 head of population. The 7-acre per 1000 standard converts to 2.83 hectares per 1000 head. The 'New' open space requirement has been outlined by the World Health Organisation as 3.6ha based on 9m2 per person. In relation to best practice of social infrastructure, the benchmarks for good access include 400m walking distance to a local facility, 800m to 2km to a district facility and 2km to 5km to a regional facility.

We also know that there are many other metrics used in Aotearoa/New Zealand and we'd like to hear about them and how they are used. Also, what metrics are used to ensure equity in quality of open-space available and not simply equity of access?

To access the survey please click the green box below



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