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Parks Leaders Forum 
Papatūānuku Outstanding Parks Leader Award


DUE MARCH 28TH, 2024

The award

Parks Leaders Forum Individual awards recognise significant achievement and service to the Parks industry and contributions to the ongoing development of the industry. The awards are recognition for sustained industry leadership that makes a significant difference to the art, science and practice of the parks industry. 


The Outstanding Parks Leader Award recognises excellence, innovation, and effectiveness within the parks sector. We celebrate the achievement and service of individuals whose commitment and contribution promotes best practise within the parks industry nationally and/or internationally over a significant period of time.

The award, a carved tōtara representation of Papatūānuku, was carved by Whare Thompson and blessed by Ngai Tamarāwaho of Tauranga Moana. The carving is an impressive representation of Tāwhirimātea, Tangaroa and Tāne Mahuta.


Outstanding Parks Leader winner 2021: Michael Ayrton of Cornwall Park

Outstanding Parks Leader winner 2020:

Amanda Cox of Greater Wellington Regional Council

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