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Invercargill City Council
Tree Plan 2020 Our Trees-A Tatou Rākau

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In 2020 Invercargill City Council (ICC) adopted the Tree Plan, a 4 part plan

to help ensure sufficient management of all trees across Parks, Cemeteries

and Streets across Invercargill and Bluff on Council land. 


The ICC Tree Plan 2020 Our Trees - A Tatou Rākau is the first of its kind that encompasses a strong cultural connection and strong relationship between Te Ao Marama and ICC. This is shown through the use of Te Ao Māori, and the key inclusion of the preface which was written by iwi. Illustrations of cultural ties are represented throughout our community and transcribes throughout the Plan.

The strategy sets a long-term vision for the sustainable provision, development and management of the tree network. 

A tree network that inspires the vision of Tane!

He whatunga rakau e whakaaweoho ana i te tirohanga a Tane!

Connectivity to earth, sky and everything surrounding them.

Te hono ki te whenua, te rangi me nga mea katoa e karapoti ana ia ratou.

The plan is outlined in 4 parts:

1. Strategy

Provides a clear direction on where ICC wants to be with trees as a City.

2. Inventory

Illustrates what trees ICC currently has and how ICC manages them. (Intended to be a live database).

3. Policy Guidance

Provides policy guidance and a consistent approach to the propagation, planting, maintenance, protection and removal of trees on Council owned land. It shows how ICC's own tree stock should be sustainably and responsibly managed. It also provides guidance on how to inform the public on tree related matters and on their rights and responsibilities.

4. The Programme and Action Plan

This sets our actions, timelines and responsibilities with regards to implementing Council's Tree Plan.


Such an ambitious plan comes with some challenges but also opportunities. The plan will help to create an updated tree inventory, and aid in the management of this inventory by developing proactive plans and processes. The plan aims to mitigate such barriers including climate change, urban development and a changing population.

For the full plan click here

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