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Michael Ayrton

Board Advisor

Michael Ayrton joined the PLF in 2016 and served as the interim Board Chair in 2023. A decorated and celebrated member of the sector, he was the former Park Director of the Cornwall Park Trust Board. He started his long career in 1980, when he joined the New Zealand Forest Service and undertook training in Forest Management, including studying science at Auckland University and Parks and Recreation at Lincoln University.

He worked as a Recreation Planner for the then Forestry Corporation in their Auckland office, the Department of Conservation, and was a Senior Ranger at Wenderholm Regional Park for the Auckland Regional Authority. In 1991 Michael was appointed to the position that he has held to the present day: Park Director for the Cornwall Park Trust Board.

Michael has held many board roles across the sector and its many afilliate organisations, winning awards including being the recipient of the New Zealand Arboriculture Association, Ron Flook Award in 1999 for his services to arboriculture in New Zealand and the New Zealand Ian Galloway Memorial Cup for Outstanding Services to the Parks Industry. He has played an active role in many industry-related organisations over his long career and has provided a long service to the parks sector.


Michael Ayrton
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