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Dr. Roslyn Kerr


Dr Roslyn Kerr joined the PLF in 2023 and is currently the Parks, Programmes and Partnerships Manager in the Parks Unit at Christchurch City Council and an Adjunct Professor at Lincoln University.

Roslyn comes from an academic background, with a PhD in sociology of sport, and worked as lecturer in sport and recreation at Lincoln University, before becoming Dean of the Faculty of Environment, Society and Design. She was involved in the creation of the Lincoln University Masters in Parks Management, and the earlier development of the Major in Parks and Outdoor Recreation, and supported a range of other parks-related qualifications in areas such as landscape architecture, environmental management and sport and recreation.

She has published in a wide range of areas, including editing the book Sport in Aotearoa New Zealand: Contested Terrain, achieving world-wide interest for her work in gender in sport, and several works examining technology in sport and outdoor recreation.

Dr. Roslyn Kerr
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