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Turanga Mahi Hou - Engagement Facilitator

Engagement Facilitator 🗣

To amplify on-the-ground restoration mahi, the Trust is seeking an experienced and highly effective Engagement Facilitator to re-ignite the Forum as a stakeholder voice, develop and implement a practical engagement programme, and assist with identification and activation of new restoration projects. A key task is driving progress along the engagement pathway from awareness to engagement to action.

As the interface between the Department of Conservation Delivery Manager and the funded projects, the Restoration Projects Coordinator will be responsible for maintaining positive open communication, monitor project budgets and deliverables against Funding Agreement outcomes, identify integration opportunities with adjacent projects, and proactively support the technical needs of project teams.

For new projects, you will help to develop systems for operations and reporting to support their success during the establishment phase. As projects become operational, you will identify areas for improvement in efficiency and effectiveness, actively manage non-performance, identify value add opportunities for monitoring and data collection, and communicate positive outcomes and learning. Over time, you will identify and action opportunities to activate new projects, filling the geographical and operational spaces between existing projects.

What we are looking for:

👉 Diverse practical experience in community and stakeholder engagement across a range of scales, programme types, and timeframes. This is a hands-on role.

👉 A thorough understanding of the pathway from awareness to engagement to action, and experience in delivering this outcome.

👉 A strong commitment to and experience in working in Te Ao Maori and across diverse stakeholder and community groups.

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