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Trust Board working to re-open Showgrounds

The Cornwall Park Trust Board (CPTB) says it hopes the Auckland Showgrounds will soon be open for business again.

CPTB chair Adrienne Young-Cooper said the CPTB had been working closely with Paul Vlasic of Rodgers Reidy, the liquidator appointed by the Showgrounds’ previous operator, the Auckland Agricultural, Pastoral & Industrial Shows Board, which went into voluntary liquidation last month.

The liquidator’s decision today to disclaim the lease meant the CPTB was now in possession of the site and buildings and consequently was able to make some decisions regarding the Showgrounds’ immediate future.

“We have consistently said we would consider any proposals that would allow the Showgrounds to continue to operate on an appropriate commercial footing,” said Mrs Young-Cooper.

“We have worked with the liquidator to ensure that the infrastructure a new operator will need to get the Showgrounds up and running remains in place. To achieve that, the CPTB has purchased some of the key operating assets from the liquidator.

“However, until the lease agreement was officially terminated, we were unable to deal directly with people wanting to put forward proposals to run the Showgrounds site.”

Mrs Young-Cooper said the CPTB was now working on an interim solution that would allow the Showgrounds to open again, but some issues were yet to be resolved.

Mrs Young-Cooper said it was too soon to set a date for that work to be complete.

“While we want to see this finalised as soon as possible, a rushed solution would not give potential exhibitors and other stakeholders the certainty they need, nor would it ensure our long-term interests were protected.”

Rodgers Reidy liquidator Paul Vlasic said the agreement for the CPTB to buy equipment and other assets that would be needed to get the venue operating again is a great outcome for everyone involved.

Mr Vlasic said the CPTB is now in custody and control of the Showgrounds site.

“While we will no longer be operating on-site, we will continue to work to recover creditors’ funds. It remains a complex situation, with lots of moving parts, and we greatly appreciate everyone’s patience,” he said.

For further information, please contact the Cornwall Park Trust Board, 09 5246442 For inquiries relating to the future operation of the Showgrounds, please contact

Andrew McKay, For inquiries relating to the ongoing liquidation process, email



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