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Trees, bringing us together

The importance trees hold within our urban ecosystem can sometimes be overlooked. Trees are crucial to the urban environment, helping to mitigate climate induced impacts on our cities and towns. As Heeringa writes " Trees filter carbon dioxide and air pollution and form noise buffers. They help to cool the air on hot days and provide habitat for birds and insects.Their canopy cover intercepts rainwater; slowing runoff and placing less pressure on storm water systems." and sadly, New Zealand's trees are under attack.

Green space is declining at alarming rates, private green space in Auckland is down 30% since the 1980's, and 20% in Hamilton. The government's top tree and environment advocates are encouraging citizens to change their mindset when it comes to looking at green space, and trees. Viewing them as assets will increase their perceived value set out by the public, advocate for the trees, and aid in regenerating the stock: plant where you can!

And see how you can help restore our trees to their former glory.



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