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Steep Slide for $40,000

Council spends $40,000 in three months on vandalised playground

4:53 pm on 5 June 2022

Security has been boosted at a Hamilton playground that's been repeatedly vandalised.

Dominion Park when it opened in 2016. Photo: HAMILTON CITY COUNCIL

Over the past three months, the city council has spent more than $40,000 on the playground in Dominion Park in the suburb of Nawton - $25,000 on fixing equipment, and $15,000 on CCTV.

A basket swing had its lines cut, a drinking fountain was stolen, the turf cut up and giant slides were set on fire.

The slide was damaged by fire. Photo:

Parks and recreation director Maria Barrie said the extra security seems to be making a difference.

She said the playground was now under 24-hour surveillance but users should still report strange or malicious behaviour.

"If you're in the area and see any untoward behaviour, do not put yourself in harm's way. Please call 111 and report it, and report to council any damage you see as soon as you can," said Barrie.

"The playground belongs to the whole community. Let's help each other out and work together to make our playgrounds a safe and enjoyable space for all to spend time with their whaanau."



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