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QR Code Posters and Contact Tracing

Display and use of QR codes (Here is the information received from COVID-19 Local Government Response Unit Update Friday 21 August 2020)

  1. All businesses must display a NZ COVID Tracer QR code for each business location. This came into effect at 11:59am Wednesday 19 August 2020. You can view this legislation here:

  2. We have had some questions raised about which council facilities and services this includes. This has been updated to reflect where QR codes must be displayed.

  3. In short, you must display QR codes for council businesses where you would previously have maintained manual contact tracing systems for all staff and public who entered the premise. Local Government has not extended this requirement to public toilets, reserves, parks and walking tracks. However, some Parks are displaying the contact tracing QR code e.g. Cornwall Park, Auckland and some isolated facilities within parks e.g. display conservatories.

  4. We appreciate local government showing community leadership in compliance with the requirements for businesses to display QR codes.

  5. We would encourage council staff to promote and encourage the display and use of the NZ COVID Tracer App QR codes while they are out in the community undertaking their normal business.

  6. Council staff can report businesses that do not respond to encouragement via the COVID-19 website’s QR code non-compliance link here:

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