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Popular photo opportunity set to be blocked at Mount Fuji

Frustrated authorities in Japan are working to set up a large black banner to block an iconic view of Mount Fuji following an onslaught of misbehaved Tourists.

Complaints from Fujikawaguchiko locals have mounted (pun intended) of tourists littering, parking illegally, climbing roofs and ignoring signage, all in the pursuit of a snap of the soaring peak. The shot features a convenience store common in Japan backed by the majestic peak of Mount Fuji, Japan's tallest mountain. However the angle is set to be blocked by a 2.5 x 20m black mesh net later this week, and the arguably drastic measure is expected to deter urban alpinists from wreaking havoc for the store and a neighboring dentistry practice .

Japan's Tourism industry has been experiencing an influx of international travelers post Covid 19 but it has come with its issues. The introduction of a £10 (NZ$21) fee follows the influx of international tourists wanting to climb Mount Fuji. The intervention tool was enacted in and effort to keep numbers below the 4000 people per day limit. Also, congestion on the Yoshida Trail has seen an increase in littering, injuries and ill prepared hikers.

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