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Parks for People Petition - Cornwall Park

In 2021 we got to discover a different side to Cornwall Park, it has become a respite for many Aucklanders, people travelling near and far to access it. It's a place where people have been able to safely walk, run, ride or picnic in the fresh air. Many children have learned to ride, walk or skateboard. A safe haven, a place to improve our mental health and wellbeing during a challenging year. There have been thousands of people enjoying it every day, and more and more have been there with summer just around the corner. Many days there have been so many people in the park you have to zig zag to keep your distance, all the while it has been closed to cars.

With Covid restrictions easing now more than ever we need to provide Aucklanders with safe spaces to enjoy times with friends and whanau in a safe environment. We have seen what the park can be over the last 100 days and let’s keep it that way!

What parks should be:

- For people! - A place for kids, families, friends, young and old to be safe - Walkers, Runners, Bikers, Picnics! - Birds, animals & nature! - A sanctuary

There are many overseas examples where parks have also been closed to cars, such as all of London’s beautiful parks, and Central Park in New York.

But what better example do we have than how Cornwall Park has been for the past 100 days?

If you agree please feel free to sign the petition at the link below.



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