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New Plymouth council says "Let it Grow" with 50,000 new plants a year

New Plymouth is becoming a greener rapidly with the help of volunteer programs and council horticulture maintenance. These systems combined have helped to put more than 50,000 trees in the ground annually as council run program Planting our Place aim to have 10% of urban areas in New Plymouth covered in native vegetation.

The increased vegetation brings many benefits to locals including reinforcement of sand dunes, education opportunities for students, reducing emissions and encouraging native bird life to populate the area.

New Plymouth District Council Manager Conrad Pattison writes that the recent developments are a major step in the right direction for New Plymouths goals of being a sustainable life capital.

To get involved in planting and other volunteer projects to make New Plymouth a greener place check out Wild for Taranaki here

To read the original article from the Taranaki Daily News go here



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