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New Master of Parks Management Programme at Lincoln University

Lincoln University is launching a "life-changing" Master of Parks Management programme in November due to strong demand for park management leaders in New Zealand. The programme was developed in response to a call from the New Zealand Parks Leaders Forum (PLF) to address the sector's skills shortage. Domestic students can enrol for free until the end of 2024.

Associate Professors Emma Stewart and Stephen Espiner, who designed the programme, emphasize its uniqueness in the Southern Hemisphere. It builds on Lincoln University's history of teaching parks and recreation programmes and offers an interdisciplinary approach covering social, cultural, environmental, and business aspects of parks management.

According to PLF Board Convenor Geoff Canham, the programme is world-leading and aims to address the shortage of park management leaders while also attracting senior and international students.

Jess Hughes-Hutton, a Lincoln graduate, praises the university's preparation for careers in parks management. She works as a Parks Planner at Queenstown Lakes District Council and highlights the practical skills and strong support provided by Lincoln.

Bridget Elliott, another Lincoln graduate, works as a biodiversity planner at Waipā District Council and credits her education for providing technical knowledge, confidence, and industry connections. She appreciates the diversity of work and field experiences in the parks sector.

Lincoln University's Master of Parks Management programme aims to fill a skills gap in park management leadership and is seen as a valuable addition to the university's offerings by alumni and industry leaders.

For more information about this exciting new programme, click here.

Image from left to right: Ian Soper - Ashburton District Council, Associate Professor Stephen Espiner, Bill Steans - Timaru District Council, Associate Professor Emma Stewart and Roslyn Kerr - Christchurch City Council.



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