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Land returned to Indigenous care in San Francisco East Bay Area

Movement Generation and Sogorea Te’ Land Trust have joined forces to return 43 acres of land in the unceded Bay Miwok territory of the San Francisco East Bay Area to Indigenous care. This partnership involves liberating the land title from the speculative real estate market, with Sogorea Te’ now holding the deed and establishing long-term agreements for land care. Sogorea Te’ Land Trust, led by urban Indigenous women, aims to restore Indigenous land to Indigenous people, particularly in the Bay Area, where various Indigenous nations have called home. This initiative is seen as a healing process for both Indigenous communities and the land itself. Movement Generation, a collective focusing on ecological and social justice movements, has been working on a Strategic Framework for a Just Transition since 2007. Together, they envision this land becoming a hub for political strategy, cultural reconnection, and rematriation, fostering intergenerational programs and ecological regeneration. The project received support from various organisations, and individuals interested in supporting Indigenous-led land return work are encouraged to engage with these organisations and contribute to Sogorea Te’s Shuumi Land Tax if residing in the East Bay territory of the Confederated Villages of Lisjan.

The full article by Inés Ixierda can be found here.

Photo by Brooke Anderson, Movement Photographer.



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