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How Are You Feeling?

Last year the Parks Leaders Forum worked with the sector on stress and burn out with the sector. Often identified as the busiest and most diverse portfolio, and still consistently the most under resourced and most undervalued, what should we be discussing and listening to for sector well being?

Our Parks Leaders Forum Chair Kate Russell and PLF Convenor Geoff Canham undertook liaison, surveys and presented at the 2021 Green Pavlova in partnership with EAP services to bring sector welfare and this subject overall to the forefront. Nearly one year on, and perhaps at a time of Covid pandemic peaking, the PLF has received feedback to rerun this topic and the various ways society wears its burdens. After two years the global pandemic may be ‘cresting’ toward an end of a kind, albeit one where on top of everything else, society in minorities are choosing to wear their burdens by occupying parks and playgrounds, camping in open spaces. Parks were going to be involved right to the end, weren’t they.



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