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Greater Wellington's Amanda Cox Awarded Outstanding Parks Leader

Greater Wellington Regional Council’s Regional Parks Manager Amanda Cox has been awarded the inaugural New Zealand Outstanding Parks Leader Award, which was presented at today’s Council meeting.

Presented by the Parks Leaders Forum, the Award recognises Ms Cox’s outstanding governance and strategic contribution for the country’s parks sector and leadership for issues affecting New Zealand.

Ms Cox has recently concluded a term as the Parks Leaders Forum’s Inaugural Board Chair and is recognised for her leadership in parks and environmental matters that have influenced the direction of parks issues nationwide.

Greater Wellington was also acknowledged for its best practice for Parks Strategy and Environmental management as well as its involvement in a series of nationwide peer reviews for park projects.

The Award was presented by the Parks Leaders Forum Convenor Geoff Canham. In accepting the Award, Ms Cox noted the challenges facing community’s connecting with the environment, thanks the Parks Leaders Forum Board and thanked Greater Wellington for its involvement to lead a range of issues as a leading environmental agency.

Greater Wellington councillor and portfolio leader for Parks, Forests, Biodiversity and Recreation Prue Lamason added her congratulations and noted she could not think of a more deserving leader to be the recipient of the award.

The Award, a carved totara representation of Papatūānuku, was presented to Ms Cox and is held by her as the recipient until a successor is awarded the responsibility of caring for this taonga until awarded in any future year.

The Papatūānuku carving is an impressive interpretation of Tawhirimatea, Tangaroa, Tane Mahuta and is the first time this award has been presented.



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