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Generosity of Former Bay of Plenty Councilor could bring new regional park

Ian Noble, a former Councillor from the Bay of Plenty, has decided to gift over 100 hectares of his beautiful land near Katikati to the public, with the hope of turning it into a regional park. This land, right next to the Kaimai Range, offers stunning views of Tauranga Harbour and is a mix of farmland and lush native bush.

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council is set to accept this generous offer. They plan to keep the land undeveloped and make sure it's open for everyone to enjoy, with protection guaranteed by a Queen Elizabeth II National Trust covenant.

This spot is not just beautiful—it's also ecologically important, home to mature native bushes and waterways that are vital for the local ecosystem. Ian's been letting the community use the land for things like horse riding and club activities, and he wants to keep it that way. He's even plans to use part of it for education purposes in the future.

Council chairman Doug Leeder and others have praised Noble's philanthropy, recognizing the land's potential to provide recreational opportunities, protect natural environments, and preserve cultural features.

As the council moves forward with its long-term plans, Ian Noble's vision could see this land become a cherished public space, joining the ranks of other regional parks in the Bay of Plenty.

Read the original article by Kiri Gillespie here

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