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Chores no more - why NOT mowing your lawn could save the planet

Looking for a good excuse to not mow your unruly lawns this month? Washington post offers a few ways not trimming your lawn may help the environment.

Not cutting your grass allows for more native plants to grow bringing with it butterflies, birds and bees. The "No Mow" movement across Britain and the united states has seen a return to these vital parts of our ecosystem to some of the over 10 million acres of backyards in the US.

Not mowing your lawns also means you're not burning harmful gas - or lithium batteries as it may be! Not using herbicides in your garden will make your home a more eco-friendly place to be too!

To find out how to make your backyard a haven for native plants and critters read the original article from Frank Hulley-JonesAllyson Chiu and Simon Ducroquet in the Washington Post.



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