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Bridging Communities-He Ara Kotahi Opens

Reconnecting communities is at the heart of the He Ara Kotahi bridge and pathway project in Palmerston North. The $19 million project connects the city at Dittmer Drive across the Manawatū River to a sealed off-road link to the science centres and Massey University, and a 7.1 kilometre limestone pathway to Linton. It's name "the path that brings people together' symbolises the importance of reconnecting these communities, celebrating the regions Māori history as it opens of access to many pā sites along the river enabling stories from the past to be rediscovered in a taonga, or treasure, that will help to both build local pride and in turn create a tourist attraction.

The projects success is an example of what can be achieved when agencies work together, building on the momentum provided by the previous Government's urban cycleways fund.

For the full story written by Janine Rankin, click here



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