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The government wants to fast-track approvals of large infrastructure projects

Environmental law reform say what... The coalition government has introduced a bill to fast track the consenting process for large infrastructure projects deemed to be of national or regional significance.

The Fast-track Approvals Bill, introduced under urgency on 7 March, would take precedence over several current environmental laws and give ministers the power to skirt existing approval processes.

How did this sit amongst environmental advocates? Leaders of 10 scientific societies that conduct biodiversity research in Aotearoa New Zealand, representing thousands of members, have called on the government to PUMP THE BREAKS, and slow down the pace of reform. Could this be detrimental to our beautiful country and its biodiversity?

They warn that decision-making criteria are weighted towards development, not environmental protection or sustainable resource use, and undermine New Zealand's obligations to protect the country's unique and threatened biodiversity.


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