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Lincoln University Sport and Recreation Internship Programme

"The Lincoln University Sport and Recreation Internship programme is a capstone course aiming to provide 3rd year students the opportunity to work under the guidance of one supervisor who has a minimum of 120 hours of management-related opportunities in the sector. The hours must be accrued from now until the end of October 2020. There are about 20 students in need of an internship as of May 2020.

They are interested in working with the following types of organisations:

  • Public and private sport clubs and organisations promoting physical activity/exercise/play

  • City and district councils and trusts

  • Department of Conservation and organisations/businesses in parks and outdoor recreation

  • Tourism sector and event-related businesses

  • Private consultants in sport, recreation, parks and tourism

The 120 required hours should mostly contain work that requires the student to use his/her management knowledge and skills to complete a project, e.g. investigate/create an online membership management system, create an online sports challenge, and present results to board members. The aim is to allow interns to practice their critical thinking skills beyond basic tasks (i.e. handing out fliers and cleaning floors), although we acknowledge that some of those tasks may be a minor part of their internship hours.

Students are in particular need of getting internships up and running quickly now that we are in Level 2 lockdown. Please do not hesitate to contact Catherine Elliot for more details."

Click here on the image below to download the video:



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